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Gay Stereotypes are Gay!

!!!WARNING!!! - late night rant and repeated use of the word “Dick” below, read at your own risk!

Getting really sick of people saying “I have gay friends, and they actually don’t talk or act that way, they act normal!” or “I’m not like those gay guys, those people give people like me a bad name and cause other people make assumptions about me.”

Wow, aren’t you just a bundle of extra load of judgmental crap that the word doesn’t need more of. Look, I understand that we’re not all the same and stereotypes aren’t always true, that should be obvious to anyone with an ounce of common sense, but when you say things like that, you’re going out of your way to make sure that the group of people who actually do belong to a certain stereotype are distanced from yourself in a negative tone, thus enforcing that the stereotype in question is a bad one. I for one fall in and out of numerous gay stereotypes all the time.

Just because you happen to be gay or know someone who is and someone makes a remark about gay guys always being “such and such” or saying “so and so” and feel the need to draw attention to yourself like the thirsty fishermen you are and needlessly correct the person that you or your friends are in fact, an extraordinary exception to this universal rule, do us all a favor and sit your special, unique ass back down and keep it to yourself. 

So unless someone’s specifically asking or talking about you, no one gives two fucks about what subdivision label of homosexuality that you do or don’t fall under and whether if you prefer musicals and dressing preppy or rather work on cars and watch football. In the end, we all like dick and that’s what matters dammit!

Oh, you’re gay but no promiscuous? Doesn’t matter, you still want the Dick.

you’re gay but are very masculine? You still like the Dick.

you’re gay but don’t talk with a high pitched voice? Dick! 

You don’t gossi-DICK!

Let us all share in our mutual love of the D and focus not on what separates us. The bigots and haters will do that for us, what a bunch of dicks…